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Get Ideas Fast for Bloggers

Think about to carry with yourself the 10 ideas notebook. A notebook to notate 10 ideas for your blogging activities everyday. The thing I like to do is to have a small pocket notebook which would fit in my basically pocket, and I carry with me at all times this little, small notebook. In fact, I’m looking at it right now while I’m basically teaching you today. I’m also looking at the ideas I have written this morning in my blogging notebook. This is very, very important, because if you do this regularly you won’t have to suffer in finding ideas for your blog. You will have many ideas.

It’s a very great number to work with, but you could come up with 12, 15, or even 20 ideas. It’s very common for me to setup a list of 10 ideas at first, but then as my idea muscle so to say warms up, I begin to write, notate many more ideas in my notebook for that particular day, and I hardly can keep up with this. So I no longer have to suffer with ideas, where to find ideas for a blogging business. They are always in my notebook.

And the reason it is particularly important for you if you’re struggling to find time for blogging is that when you’re notating ideas down you’re not blogging. You are just coming up with ideas, either for your blog topics, or for trainings, or for any other blog related activities. But when that actual time in the morning, in the day, or in the afternoon, or in the evening comes to you to write, to work on your blog, you won’t have to look for ideas. The ideas, your so to say to-do list, will be there all the time.

I recommend you notate your ideas on paper, and not on the computer. There are quite a few software to do that, but I recommend keeping a pen at hand and a notebook. This physical act of writing somehow works together with your brain much better than your typing it on the keyboard, or even dictating to your microphone. It’s much better. Of course, if you are in a hurry, or driving a car, and you cannot really write but you come up with ideas while driving, while commuting, it’s very good to save the time and press the record button on your phone, for example, so that you could record a few ideas which could later be used in your blogging business.

Find Time For Blogging

If we look at the most common challenges and struggles people have in their journey into becoming a better blogger, and having a successful blog, finding time to do this, to do it right, to do this efficiently and effectively obviously is really one of the main struggles and challenges people have.

We have so many things we have to achieve, to do. We have to take care of our families, to take care of work obligations. We have some hobbies we need to also practice. Some people also want to relax in the evenings, after the hard day’s work. When we think about it it’s really a matter of finding the time to do this. If we had let’s say maybe five extra hours a day that would solve our problems, it seems.

But, actually it’s not, because it’s not the matter of how many hours a day we have, but it’s the matter of how well we use these hours, this time we have. Because everybody has the same amount of time. You and me, and your friends, and my colleagues, everyone. Your competitors also have 24 hours a day and also have family obligations, work obligations. Anything that you are struggling with other people also are struggling with.

I think we have to realize that when we deal with time issues a lot of people teach that we have to manage our time better, to do some productivity hacks, how to write faster, how to create faster, how to do everything more productively. But, this is not necessarily a true perspective, at least in my experience. Because, I don’t usually need to do things faster than anybody else. I just have to choose the right things to do. Let’s say I get a call from a stranger asking me to do some errands for him or her, to do some projects.

It seems like time management is not necessarily an answer to this problem. It seems like prioritizing your time is more important. Setting your priorities straight. There is a famous Pareto principle or rule you might have heard, 80/20 principle, which means that 20% of your actions give 80% of your results. Think about it. In your day, 20% of what you do means that you also get 80% of value in your creative endeavors, anything you do. For example, 20% of your food. Yes also food intake, average food, also has 80% of your impact on your health.

Become a Professional Blogger

The term blogger became popular in the late 1990s and the success stories of people in this field led many to consider how to become a professional in blogging. There is a general impression that it is easy to become a pro blogger but the truth of the matter is it is as hard as any effort wanting to earn the decent income. For some people however blogging is a passion and the money that goes with it comes only as secondary.
Anybody can be a blogger but to be known in this field, you must consider the following.

You must love to write

The passion to write must be there, to begin with. It should not be just a spur of the moment desire to go online and create a website. Every blogging website you see that ranks well in search engines has great contents in it. Contents are written words that attract visitors.

Start with your expertise

You must have an expertise or at least experience in what you will be writing about. So many bloggers just write about anything under the sun since it is easy to research information on the internet and rewrite ideas of other people. Although it is also one way to go, it is hard to be recognized as a professional blogger if there is obviously no expertise on the subjects being written.

Study SEO

There are some professional bloggers who made it without really concentrating much on using SEO techniques. They are the elite few who have focused on a niche that happens to be their expertise and easily earned natural traffic to their site. But they are a special class of bloggers who mostly have a strong offline network. To be sure, you have to study at least the basics of SEO to become a professional blogger.

Set-up a website

Get a domain name and register it so you can have an identity for your website. Some bloggers start with a free platform but if you want to become a professional in this field, you have to start with a paid website.

Monetize your site

A professional blogger is one who earns from the blog website that he puts up. One cannot be called a professional if he is not earning from what he does and this is also true in the case of blogging. There are a lot of ways to monetize a website and it is just a matter of choosing the best for your site.

Recover and Restort Blog Content and Websites

There are lots of reasons as to why you may need to restore your website or even blog. You could have forgotten to pay your hosting or you may have been hacked, losing all data in the process. You may also have had an old blog before and you need the content back. With today’s technology, it is possible to recover and restore your content as it was before you lost it.The companies that are able to handle such tasks are the same ones that aid in the designing and setting up of websites. This means that they actually know everything there is to know about the inner workings of the websites and they have the best software to handle the recovery and restoration. The software is able to rebuild a website based ion different backup that is contained within the web archive.

What can be recovered?

There is so much that a recovery company can aid you with. You can be able to get your text content back. Beside this, you can also get your images, zip files, documents, and even videos. This means that you can enjoy a complete recovery process. You also need to note that most times, the content that can be recovered is the one that is within the web archive.


If you have lost a website and you want to recover it, then you need to set up a domain name and secure it. The second thing is to get hosting and three get an archived copy of the website. When all this is done, now what is left is to upload the files. You can buy a new domain name but if you can, try recovering the one that you lost.
There are different places where you can get a domain name. Always buy the old domain name if you can since it will have all the relevant keywords that are related to the website and what you offer.

When to get help

Sometimes recovering a website isn’t something that you can be able to do all on your own. This is the part where you call in experts to handle the issue for you. You will be able to recover all your data. Most companies require that you fill out a form so as to process your request.
What you need to know is that search engines usually have cached copies of different pages. It may be unlikely that you are not able to find an original page in the cache.