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Blog Your Way to Success Online

A blog is a regularly updated web page that features written content and articles. Starting a blog is a great way to attract audience by sharing quality content. Blogging can also be used as a means of earning an income in your business. I will be sharing with you ways this can be done.

Freelance blogging is a simple way of earning income through blogging. The way it works is you publish quality blog posts on another blog or for a website or newsletter, and they pay you for it. A blog post can be worth anywhere from $5 to $300, depending on the quality of the post, your rank as a freelance blogger and the blogging platform used. Freelance blogging is great if you enjoy writing and creativity.

The second way of earning an income through blogging is the use of Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience to drive sales.

In other words, you publish blog posts with the intent of attracting customers to make a purchase. The way it works is at the end of a blog post, you have a Call to Action, which is an instruction to the audience for them to take an immediate response, which usually involves a link. This link then takes them to a desired page in which they can learn more or make a purchase.

In order to actually start making sales through blogs, you have to make sure that you define your target audience clearly. If you don’t have a specific target market, then you won’t be able reach out to specific people with needs and wants. You have to target a specific audience so that you can talk to them in a way that identifies and offers a solution to their problems. Otherwise you are just talking to a bunch of people with no specific needs or wants.

Also when you identify your target, you will know where to look for them on internet and where they hang around on social media. You will also know how to address them when talking to them in your blog posts. They will resonate with you more as they read your content, and will be much more interested in what you have to say.

“A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.”

Make Money From Your Blog

If you have these two ingredients, you can be a very successful blogger. Just start off with a simple blog and keep on updating it frequently so that you can have a good amount of returning visitors. Always remember, that these are the returning visitors which become the main source of your supplementary income.

Copying and pasting tons of pages from one renowned website to your blog will never work. This is because you will never be able to get your blog in search engine results and hence you will not receive any traffic. In order to receive targeted, true, long term and returning traffic, you need to put your blog in search engine. Making your blog available in search engine is nothing less than achieving a high school scholarship. You will have to work hard and need to learn the tactics and engineering going behind the search engine. These tactics and ways of popping your blogger up in search results in professionally termed as ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO.

There are hundreds of ways to make your blogger search engine optimized. You should learn the most effective and quick ways so that you can start off quickly. Back links creation is the most useful and effective way of generating true traffic on your blog. Back links are simply links of your blog which are placed on other reputed and high page rank websites. When you place your link with a specific keyword on other website, you create a back link for your website. The greater number of back links your site hosts, the greater are the chances to get traffic. Article marketing websites are most popularly used for the purpose of creating back links. You can have dual advantages for using article marketing websites. One: You can introduce your website, it benefits and advantages. Two: You can create a back link for your website which is a direct approach for optimizing your website for search engine.

Fill your blog with pay per click and affiliate advertisements. But don’t stuff the main page of your blog with too many ads as it will not give a good and attractive appearance. You need to be a little bit artistic in order to design your website graphically. Try to place colors and pictures according to the niche of your blog. Place the advertisements technically so that you can generate revenues every time a person clicks on it. Keep a track on the posts which are most popular visited and commented by visitors. Concentrate on the niche of those posts and publish similar posts.

Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has being touted by some bloggers as a great way to achieve some kind of recognition and popularity. They say it will open doors for you to reach ‘new heights’ in your blogging experience. Let me state here that I’m no fan of guess blogging and lately I don’t hear much about it unlike past years.

If you want to move in the fast lane, once you joined the blogging community, you might think guest blogging would enhance the user experience. But first you’ve got to gain an ‘entry ticket’ before you’re accepted by any other blogger whose site is your target.unless your host blogger is such a wooden head to let you post some fluff on his or her site. Well, there are some.

If you’d notice lately, some of these blogs are sort of running out of steam with boring articles or rehash. How many times have you come across some bloggers who write about how they are stuck with writer’s block for want of new ideas to post. And, for them, there’s always the fear of losing readers if they don’t maintain the pace… and the face. That’s where guest bloggers come into the picture to keep the wheels spinning. There are always some eager beavers..

Despite all this ‘damage control’ effort, the trend is showing that these blogs are slipping down from their high horse.When guest blogging was hot, many bloggers are so caught up with the guest blogging craze, you just wonder whether they pay more attention to other people’s blogs rather than attending to their own blog backyard.

Guest blogging can only take you so far – and it’s a downhill ride for your blog if you don’t start growing your own flowers. Hoping that guest blogging will get you some extra RSS feed subscribers (or pumping up the numbers as some would do) won’t help much because, at the end of the day, the majority of these people don’t read their feeds or come visiting. Most people end up with too many things to do and they can’t just waste precious time reading feeds everyday or whatever. Some just forget their subscriptions.
We are already seeing many blogs struggling to stay afloat, especially the ‘make money online’ bloggers who are the most likely people to fall for guest blogging. So much has been written about the silly syndrome suffered by ‘make money online’ bloggers, but then, newbies are still wet behind the ears!

Make Your Content Stand Above the Rest

You probably understand the importance (and necessity) of writing content. Your content is the way that you prove to your target audience members that you are an expert in your niche or industry. It is also the way that you build credibility and trustworthiness with your audience. However, it is important to bring your content to the next level and to make it stand about that of your competitors.It isn’t enough to simply write and post your blog content online. You also want a large number of qualified people to notice and support what you have written and have taken the time to share. In short, you want your blog content to go viral. If your blog doesn’t get the attention that you are hoping it will get, it will be a mere flash in the pan. Your readers will forget about it the minute they finish reading what you have written.The fact is that being invisible is the worst possible thing that you can imagine (especially in business). If you (or your content) is not memorable, you won’t get anywhere. You must create content that is not only valuable but that is also compelling and that makes the reader hunger for any content from you that he or she can read.Well, don’t despair because there are definitely ways to change that situation.

What you can do to make your content more memorable
There are many goals that you have in business that are important and are solid contributors to bringing your business to the next level. Some of those are increasing your website traffic, ramping up your list of connections, and writing top-shelf content. However, those factors will not necessarily make you memorable for other people. If you want to stand above your competitors, the way to do it is by being truly unique.

Getting other people to notice your content is not easy but it is not impossible either. Your ideas need to be so compelling that they are imprinted on the other person. The following are ways that you can make that happen:
1.Create your public persona carefully: Most people have public personas that are different from who they really are as people. If you want to create a perception in the minds of other people about you, you can. It is all up to you.
2.Express your values: If you want to get people to buy into who you are and what you represent, tell them about what is important to you and what drives you.
3.Show how human you are: The fact that you write content expressly with the goal of helping other people in mind means that you are a good person.