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How I Keep Competing in the Online Marketplace

I work about 16 hours a day most days. I get some days where I can put in nine hours and call it a workday. However, they do not occur as often as I would like. It is tough to compete in a crowded Internet marketplace when you own your own business. It used to be that local towns had local people shopping local businesses. Nowadays it is almost instant gratification for consumer wants online, and they can be anywhere in the world. This is why I would buy Instagram followers to get my brand out there to my demographic on a larger scale.

I had a minimal advertising budget, so I had to learn how the system works and I used it in my favor.

Write What Others Will Read

One of the key elements to blogging is interaction from your readers. Bloggers want to know how they can get more of the readers to comment and interact. The number of comments you get is synonymous with the amount of traffic going to your blog. Be cognizant, especially in the first stages of your blog, of the people who do appreciate you and comment on your blog. This is a good way to build a relationship with your followers.

Keep in mind copyright when posting content on your blog. Always link or explain the source if you are going to quote someone or use a paragraph from a book. This is common courtesy in the blogging world and it is also the law. You will also want to mention names in your blog as they are an important part of SEO. A recent study has indicated that 42% of search engines pick up names. Use company, product or brand names to raise awareness and enable more people to find your blog.

Quality and well as quantity will make a successful blog. Most successful bloggers have both, however, you do not want to be generating an abundance of useless content in order to make your blog appear to have loads of information. As a blogger, you will also want your content to be relevant. If the title to your blog does not match the content or theme of your website, your readers will be confused and chances are will not return.

It is not a good idea to set aside one day a week to write all of your content for the following week, as your content may end up being outdated. Nobody wants to read last weeks news the following week. You will want to write one blog post a day, if you do not have the time or the means to do this, choose a niche where it does not matter how or when you post your content.

If you are experiencing writer’s block and do not know what to post, it is okay to link to another blog. However, don’t do this over and over again. You will risk losing your readers to that blog. It is better to switch up your sources or not post at all.

Blogging is definitely not easy. Writing unique, useful and fresh content every day is hard and you may feel burned out. Use what you have learned in this article and make sure that your blog will survive.

Develop Ideas for Your Business Blog Posts

The following are five ways to develop ideas for your blog:

1. Blog about your people

This is one subject that can illuminate your business to great effect. People are typically interested in people. Your people, your employees, offer value to your customers. Why not write about exceptional employees who’ve attained awards, promotions, or have exemplified top-notch customer service consistently.Doing this shows you hold them in high regard for what they do for you and your customers.

2. Post a product review

You can do this objectively and not as if it’s an ultra-hyped infomercial. In other words, talk about a related product (related to what you offer) to give quality information to your readers. You are presenting them useful information associated with what you offer.

This conveys that you are an authority on the subject – a valued information provider educated and conversant in your specialty. This builds trust with your audience. It’s a great way to encourage them to check you out further when they need to make product and service decisions.

3. Educate with informative articles

Your blog is a portal to teach others about your business and all it provides. Therefore, post educational and even how-to articles that are not of the sales type, but informative pieces that instruct. These timely and useful articles give your audience a greater understanding about your business, products, and services.

4. Relate customer success stories

You certainly have customers who’ve used your products and services to great effect. Highlight these on your blog, with their permission. Alternatively, show the essence of the success in a general way, without mentioning specifics about individuals if they choose to remain anonymous.

5. Write posts based on questions asked by customers

A great way to develop business blog posts is to answer questions from customers who contact you. These questions may concern how a product works to make their life easier. A question may concern a service you offer and why it is valuable. How what you offer can solve a pressing problem a customer may have.

Your answer to your customer can often be elaborated on through writing an article. This answer can be an effective element on your business blog. It offers vital information to those who arrive at your blog and who may have the same or similar questions.

Provide great information in the form of an article and show you are an authority on the subject and the go-to resource for people needing solutions in your niche.

Choosing the Right Platform for You

There is such a huge variety to choose from when it comes to blogging platforms that it can be really difficult for a beginner to know where to start and to find which one is right for them. There are many different aspects to examine when making that decision, including your skill level with computers, and the Internet and your blogging goals.

Have a look at their Tumblr sites to get an idea of what is possible with your own blog using Tumblr. This is a very user-friendly platform to use and offers the capacity to include images, as well as, text and videos. It also offers a wide range of themes so you can individualize your blog page. The drawback is the same as its positive: it is more image oriented than text oriented, which means, you would need to decide which route you want to take when it comes to defining the goals you have for your blog. There are some beautiful Tumblr pages out there, so it is a good idea for you to browse through some pages before making any decisions.

Another easy-to-use platform is WordPress. This is another popular site offered for free. Actually, WordPress has the distinction of serving one of every six blog websites. Its content managing system runs from the most straightforward for the casual or hobby bloggers to some very complicated features for the more experienced bloggers. Wall Street Journal and People magazine are among its users.

It is not very difficult to customize the appearance of your blog using its comprehensive theme library and thousands of plugins. It also provides comprehensive video tutorials to help beginners.

Lastly, let’s talk about Blogger, one of the first of the blogging services owned by Google. If you are looking at blogging for profit, Blogger supports its other family members, such as AdSense. It is more restricted when it comes to themes, however, its years in the blog world means it has resolved most of the glitches that are apparent in most blogging platforms.

The first step would be for you to do your research and see what is out there. This will allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to which platform you decide to go with. After that, take some time to investigate the features provided by the platform you chose, watch the tutorials, and when you are convinced you can manage your content, take the plunge and have fun with your entry into the world of blogging.

Start a Fashion Blog

If you plan to start one, but don’t know how to, here are some tips to take into consideration:

1. Free is not best

If you plan on starting a new fashion blog, the first thing you need to do is look for a platform and a blog host. However, choosing one blog host is difficult because of the sheer number of blog hosts that can be found on the internet. One option for you, if you are a beginner, is Blue Host, a web host company that may cost a little more than the average, but who provides you with everything you need to start a kick-ass fashion blog.

2. Be yourself

It may sound like a total cliché, but when you consider all the millions of fashion blogs out there, being different and being yourself at the same time will differentiate you from the other ones and that is exactly that you need. The most popular fashion bloggers out there set trends or destroy them so being yourself and setting yourself apart from everyone else is the best advice anyone can give you.

3. Make your blog unique

The visual part of a blog is highly important, especially for those in the fashion field. People need to see vibrant colors, depending on your style. The skin, the writing font and everything else related to the visual experience of the reader should be your signature, the one that makes you stand out in the crowd. After the visual part comes the content and if your content is as good as your visuals, then your blog will most definitely become one of the most popular in the niche.

4. Study your competitors

The blogging world is huge, with millions of people all around the world working day and night to provide their readers with the best content and make them come back again and again. If you are new to the blogging world, look up the crème de la crème of the fashion blogging field and study them.

5. Use professional equipment

If you really want to make fashion blogging your next fulltime job, you need to offer your readers more than just visuals and great content. You also have to have professional equipment for taking photos, videos and others. Your readers will definitely appreciate a high quality photo of an outfit more than a regular one taken with a smartphone. Keep that in mind.

Grow Your Business Blog Traffic

Various digital marketing platforms prioritized creating powerful content for their websites.They also they have invested so much in understanding the market, its trends and its online behaviors. To further have an effective business blog and increase its traffic, here are some tips you may consider:

Be a pro

Blog says a lot about your business and how it was fully constructed. It is best and it is ideal to undergo proofreading, maintain consistency, and ensuring that all landing pages linked to the website blog are working well. Doing it like a professional makes your business and keeping it concise adds more to it. Always check for broken links and try to build credible links to your website coming from respectable websites as well.

It’s all about content

It is easy to share links on social media to gain more traffic towards your website but content is all that matters. When you have good content, it uplifts your company and your brand as a whole and it does create a good impression to everyone who will read it. Creating reader worthy content that is up-to-date, informative and timely also helps in getting your website ranged in search engines. Google is very keen in penalizing blogs and websites that fails to comply with its standards. This might cost you the possibility of generating income from Google AdSense and other similar programs.

Utilize social media

Social media is a very important aspect in most of the target market you would want to tap online. Create pages for your blogs and constantly update it with content, updates and other information helpful for your site and its readers.

Sympathize with your readers

Your content should always sympathize with what matters for your target market or readers. This is not about you but about your readers. Offer them something they need, want or may need in the future. Doing so helps in building your subscribers list and generating traffic at the same time.Growing your blog traffic does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process and requires time and effort to create strong links that will lead people to your website. Getting traffic is not as easy as getting an auto surfer to visit your site. If you want to transform your website into a reliable resource online, you will need to build traffic the organic way.There are many ways on how you can build the traffic on your website.

Choose A Blog Topic

The reason people don’t know what to write about is because they haven’t broken down their options and that is what I am going to take you through now.

Option 1 – Instruct

The first option or should I say purpose of your content, is instructional. You can write about a particular topic and do it in an instructional manner. Now this can be a step by step piece or it can be slightly more general, but these kinds of posts tend to be very structured and created in a way that people can take action steps very easily from it.

Option 2 – Entertain

Sometimes people just want to be entertained, how you choose to do this is entirely up to you. Depending on the niche you are marketing in, entertaining people can be difficult but it can also be easy. Personally I like to include these every now and again, but I try to write in a way that makes people smile anyway, after all what’s the point if you aren’t smiling!
Another option you have is to write a bug bare list. This is one of those lists of things that relate to your niche and aggravate you incessantly.

Option 3 – Re-write content

Re-writing peoples content is fine, but this does not mean you can plagiarise it either. If you are going to do this you need to add your own analysis and points, writing everything in your own style. It is okay to use their ideas and expand on them, you may even want to link to other outside sources that people will find useful. The internet is crying out for content and if you can expand on work that is already out there, then you are doing a great service to people in your niche.

Option 4 – Blog about what you learn

The easiest way of coming out with new content, is to simply write about what you learn. Learning is an ongoing process, you should always be learning new skills. In our case it is learning how to market online, learning advertising skills, sales, content writing, day to day running of the business, the list goes on. The point is every time you learn a new skill which relates to your niche you should write about it. If you are already a fountain of knowledge it shouldn’t be an issue. All you are doing is sharing your expertise within a particular subject, if you aren’t already an expert, make yourself one it’s really that simple.

Earn Money From Your Blog

So you start a new blog in a niche you believe can be profitable for you. When you do this, make sure you pick a niche that you are deeply interested in.Better yet you should be passionate about the niche you’re blogging in.

Write About Your Passion

If you write about a subject you’re passionate about, your enthusiasm for your subject will show in your blog posts.
There is nothing more engaging than reading something written by an author that’s totally nuts about their field. The information you share will be practical and valuable, and your enthusiasm for your subject will be delightfully contagious. After all, you are an expert in your field!

Post on a Schedule

Write and post on a regular schedule. Your followers will expect new content on the frequency they’ve learned to expect from you.
Although some experts recommend that you post everyday, it can become quite burdensome to produce a new quality post every day. For your post to be great, you have to do sufficient research. Research is normally time-consuming, and it can be quite taxing.
That’s why daily blogging can cause burnout. If this happens, your health can suffer, and your blog can fail due to your absence while you’re trying to overcome your burnout.

Do Basic SEO

Even though you’re having fun writing about your favorite subject, and you’re writing in a conversational tone, you need to keep the search engines in mind.Some basic SEO is a must for every blog post so you can get the most free traffic possible.

Work on Increasing Your Traffic

Your earnings from your blog will be strongly impacted by how much traffic you get.
Many people use advertising as a way to monetize their blogs, especially when they first start out. You will get best results from advertisers who are in a field closely related to the subject of your blog.
Lastly, you want to keep in mind that blogging is a long-term endeavor. You probably will not be able to quit your 9 – 5 after the first month.
However, with persistence many people have gone on to make serious money through their blogs. You can most likely do it too if you stick to it long enough.
Remember, you have a decided advantage if you’ve gotten the right start. You have to write about a topic you are passionate about. You know tons about your topic because you have been learning about it for as long as you can remember.

An IMPORTANT Business Marketing Tool

You need to be engaged with your bloggers, direct conversations, and market your blog in effective ways. Here, we will look at four key strategies for marketing your blog and turning it into an effective lead-machine.


One of the first strategies serious marketing bloggers use for increasing awareness about their blog is posting comments and becoming engaged in other people’s blogs. Communicating on other people’s blogs allow bloggers to hear your writing voice, allows you to introduce yourself, and creates opportunity for you to express your ideas.

Establish a Strong Foundation

Many companies choose to incorporate a blog into their website. This can not only improve your website’s SEO ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but it can also encourage your bloggers to simply and easily view your products. Other companies prefer to have a separate website for their blog. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to have your own URL. Self-hosted blogs like WordPress Blogs allow you to edit and modify themes, formatting, and the outlay of your blogging account. It gives you more control allowing you to create a blog that appeals to your audience.

Make your blog SEO friendly

Many businesses try to increase the SEO ranking on their website by increasing the quality of their website content, inserting quality links, and refining various keywords. Blogs can also be extremely effective for improving your SEO ranking. When posting comments or replies, you can try to insert various keywords (and create conversations about these keywords) into your comments and replies. However, it’s important to remember, if you start inserting keywords into your messages and these keywords sound very awkward or makes the conversation take an unnatural swing in another direction, your posts may begin sounding more like a sales pitch than a blog discussion. Guard against this temptation.

Organize a Seasonal Plan for Your Blog

At the core, your company blog is a type of content marketing. There is a strong need to post information that is interesting, applicable, and up-to-date. To help you organize your products/services around various calendar events (such as seasons, public holidays, and major events) it’s extremely effective to map out when you will discuss various pieces of company information. Have an organized blog calendar ready for when your company will marketing items throughout the year. Magazines are notorious for offering various ideas at specific times of the year and containing a diversity of information like interviews, hot news topics, and major relevant events. Put on a magazine mindset and map out a seasonal blog plan that contains content and will create interesting and relevant conversations.

Blog Your Way to Success Online

A blog is a regularly updated web page that features written content and articles. Starting a blog is a great way to attract audience by sharing quality content. Blogging can also be used as a means of earning an income in your business. I will be sharing with you ways this can be done.

Freelance blogging is a simple way of earning income through blogging. The way it works is you publish quality blog posts on another blog or for a website or newsletter, and they pay you for it. A blog post can be worth anywhere from $5 to $300, depending on the quality of the post, your rank as a freelance blogger and the blogging platform used. Freelance blogging is great if you enjoy writing and creativity.

The second way of earning an income through blogging is the use of Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience to drive sales.

In other words, you publish blog posts with the intent of attracting customers to make a purchase. The way it works is at the end of a blog post, you have a Call to Action, which is an instruction to the audience for them to take an immediate response, which usually involves a link. This link then takes them to a desired page in which they can learn more or make a purchase.

In order to actually start making sales through blogs, you have to make sure that you define your target audience clearly. If you don’t have a specific target market, then you won’t be able reach out to specific people with needs and wants. You have to target a specific audience so that you can talk to them in a way that identifies and offers a solution to their problems. Otherwise you are just talking to a bunch of people with no specific needs or wants.

Also when you identify your target, you will know where to look for them on internet and where they hang around on social media. You will also know how to address them when talking to them in your blog posts. They will resonate with you more as they read your content, and will be much more interested in what you have to say.

“A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.”