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Make Money From Your Blog

If you have these two ingredients, you can be a very successful blogger. Just start off with a simple blog and keep on updating it frequently so that you can have a good amount of returning visitors. Always remember, that these are the returning visitors which become the main source of your supplementary income.

Copying and pasting tons of pages from one renowned website to your blog will never work. This is because you will never be able to get your blog in search engine results and hence you will not receive any traffic. In order to receive targeted, true, long term and returning traffic, you need to put your blog in search engine. Making your blog available in search engine is nothing less than achieving a high school scholarship. You will have to work hard and need to learn the tactics and engineering going behind the search engine. These tactics and ways of popping your blogger up in search results in professionally termed as ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO.

There are hundreds of ways to make your blogger search engine optimized. You should learn the most effective and quick ways so that you can start off quickly. Back links creation is the most useful and effective way of generating true traffic on your blog. Back links are simply links of your blog which are placed on other reputed and high page rank websites. When you place your link with a specific keyword on other website, you create a back link for your website. The greater number of back links your site hosts, the greater are the chances to get traffic. Article marketing websites are most popularly used for the purpose of creating back links. You can have dual advantages for using article marketing websites. One: You can introduce your website, it benefits and advantages. Two: You can create a back link for your website which is a direct approach for optimizing your website for search engine.

Fill your blog with pay per click and affiliate advertisements. But don’t stuff the main page of your blog with too many ads as it will not give a good and attractive appearance. You need to be a little bit artistic in order to design your website graphically. Try to place colors and pictures according to the niche of your blog. Place the advertisements technically so that you can generate revenues every time a person clicks on it. Keep a track on the posts which are most popular visited and commented by visitors. Concentrate on the niche of those posts and publish similar posts.

Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has being touted by some bloggers as a great way to achieve some kind of recognition and popularity. They say it will open doors for you to reach ‘new heights’ in your blogging experience. Let me state here that I’m no fan of guess blogging and lately I don’t hear much about it unlike past years.

If you want to move in the fast lane, once you joined the blogging community, you might think guest blogging would enhance the user experience. But first you’ve got to gain an ‘entry ticket’ before you’re accepted by any other blogger whose site is your target.unless your host blogger is such a wooden head to let you post some fluff on his or her site. Well, there are some.

If you’d notice lately, some of these blogs are sort of running out of steam with boring articles or rehash. How many times have you come across some bloggers who write about how they are stuck with writer’s block for want of new ideas to post. And, for them, there’s always the fear of losing readers if they don’t maintain the pace… and the face. That’s where guest bloggers come into the picture to keep the wheels spinning. There are always some eager beavers..

Despite all this ‘damage control’ effort, the trend is showing that these blogs are slipping down from their high horse.When guest blogging was hot, many bloggers are so caught up with the guest blogging craze, you just wonder whether they pay more attention to other people’s blogs rather than attending to their own blog backyard.

Guest blogging can only take you so far – and it’s a downhill ride for your blog if you don’t start growing your own flowers. Hoping that guest blogging will get you some extra RSS feed subscribers (or pumping up the numbers as some would do) won’t help much because, at the end of the day, the majority of these people don’t read their feeds or come visiting. Most people end up with too many things to do and they can’t just waste precious time reading feeds everyday or whatever. Some just forget their subscriptions.
We are already seeing many blogs struggling to stay afloat, especially the ‘make money online’ bloggers who are the most likely people to fall for guest blogging. So much has been written about the silly syndrome suffered by ‘make money online’ bloggers, but then, newbies are still wet behind the ears!

Make Your Content Stand Above the Rest

You probably understand the importance (and necessity) of writing content. Your content is the way that you prove to your target audience members that you are an expert in your niche or industry. It is also the way that you build credibility and trustworthiness with your audience. However, it is important to bring your content to the next level and to make it stand about that of your competitors.It isn’t enough to simply write and post your blog content online. You also want a large number of qualified people to notice and support what you have written and have taken the time to share. In short, you want your blog content to go viral. If your blog doesn’t get the attention that you are hoping it will get, it will be a mere flash in the pan. Your readers will forget about it the minute they finish reading what you have written.The fact is that being invisible is the worst possible thing that you can imagine (especially in business). If you (or your content) is not memorable, you won’t get anywhere. You must create content that is not only valuable but that is also compelling and that makes the reader hunger for any content from you that he or she can read.Well, don’t despair because there are definitely ways to change that situation.

What you can do to make your content more memorable
There are many goals that you have in business that are important and are solid contributors to bringing your business to the next level. Some of those are increasing your website traffic, ramping up your list of connections, and writing top-shelf content. However, those factors will not necessarily make you memorable for other people. If you want to stand above your competitors, the way to do it is by being truly unique.

Getting other people to notice your content is not easy but it is not impossible either. Your ideas need to be so compelling that they are imprinted on the other person. The following are ways that you can make that happen:
1.Create your public persona carefully: Most people have public personas that are different from who they really are as people. If you want to create a perception in the minds of other people about you, you can. It is all up to you.
2.Express your values: If you want to get people to buy into who you are and what you represent, tell them about what is important to you and what drives you.
3.Show how human you are: The fact that you write content expressly with the goal of helping other people in mind means that you are a good person.

Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

It is important to note that not everyone has the ability to engage with an audience, so your first step to becoming a successful fashion blogger is to be unique. Take your time and go through some of the fashion blogs that are already a success, find what they look like and what value they offer to their readers. You want to set yourself apart, you want your blog to stand out and be different from the others, something that will attract readers to your blog daily, helping you boost your visibility online and draw more readers to your site.

It is imperative that you know how to grab your audiences attention. This can be using high quality photographs of clothing items, writing content that your audience can relate to and that will teach them something about the latest fashion trends or you want to provide them with a chance to read reviews on garments and then make their purchase from your site, saving them time searching for the item once they decide they like it.

Let your personality shine through. Having interesting and high quality content is one thing, but making it interesting and allowing your personality to shine through is what will attract your audience. They don’t want to read a long and dragged out blog about a particular garment. They want your views, your thoughts and they want to be entertained and find what you have to say interesting, so make sure you let that personality loose when writing your fashion blog to make sure it is a success.
Finally, make use of marketing. You cannot expect to write a blog and automatically have an audience. Marketing is what will help you reach your audience, increase your reader numbers and turn your passion for fashion into a successful fashion blog.

Make use of Instagram and other social media platforms to promote your photographs with links back to your blog. Making use of social media will help you engage with readers and reach a wider audience. The main focus is to get them to visit your blog and sign up for regular blog updates.Knowing your audience is essential. Your blog should be focused on your particular audience. Are you writing for a younger, more hip audience or are you writing to share your fashion knowledge with an older audience? With your audience in mind you can design your blog, choose a theme and start writing to attract the audience and drag them to your page.

Turn a Blog In a Business

One of the most common methods for obtaining your first few dollars is a subscription or paid membership model. It rarely works, mostly because people who browse the Internet don’t care about pay for extra content when they can find it for free. The Internet is huge!If your content is not unique and valuable for your visitors and readers, you might want to consider switching methods to skyrocket your monthly revenue.

Some of the best established methods that work for experienced bloggers include:
* Selling books, shirts, mugs, cups, pretty much any type of merchandise that contain the blog’s brand or logo
* Selling products or services from other sources directly via your blog
* Providing ways for readers to give out donations – think Patreon
* Promoting and participating in affiliate programs for PPC opportunities
* Selling ads to showcase other companies on your blog

We’ll mention a few of these outstanding methods and explain them further down below:

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs work splendidly, because for people looking to buy your banner placeholders, you do the exact same job as Google AdWords. You basically get paid to upload an advertisement for a service or company onto your blog. The difference with affiliate programs is that you don’t just get paid for clicks on an advertisement or two, but purchases your visitors made via your ads.


In case your blog has good content, images, logos, pretty much anything printable onto a mug or T-shirt for people to enjoy, you should consider investing money in merchandise you branded with the help of your blog. It’s always good to have these types of promotions, because they are not only good for overall engagement with your audience, but for earning yourself some extra money.

Selling Space For Display Ads

This is the classic way of earning money off your blog. Selling advertising space means those who relate to your blog the most will pay you money if you place their ads on your blog. If you have a huge number of incoming traffic, you’ll get a lot more inquiries.
This means that your blog needs to have relevant content to the advertiser if you want your blog to be attractive to them. Signing up on Google AdSense, for example, is the most simple way to get some money flowing. But as an established blogger, you might want to look into ad networks.

The most famous advertising networks you might want to look up are
* Adknowledge
* Clicksor
* CrispAds
* Google AdSense

Backlinks is Blog Posts Strategy

There are key steps in this process- here is a quick break down of these steps:

1.Research-make sure you research relevant keywords: When you start out it is important to make sure that you rank for long-tail keywords as these will give you more success in the short term online. Once you gain some momentum with your website- you’ll be able to re-think your keyword strategy.
2.Planning your content: When it comes to writing your blog post, it is important to plan your article. What style are you going to have? Who are your audience? Are you writing a review, story, news piece, or an informative article? What angle are you going to come in at? How many bullet points do you want to cover? Planning is a big part of the procedure- do NOT skip this stage. Use a spider diagram to help you achieve your goals!
3.Write-up: Now it is time to write your article. Make sure you include any bullet points from your spider diagram. Ensure your grammar is correct, readable and your keyword isn’t frequent- only approximately 2-3% of the word count. Ensure the article includes pictures and diagrams where appropriate, and link out to other sources. This gives your reader’s a better user experience.
4.SEO (on-site): Now it is time to optimise your article. Ensure your keyword can be found: throughout the body copy, the article’s title, any images ALT tags, and make sure you use H1 to H5 headings; separating your bullet points. You will also need to complete your Meta Description to include the keyword for the article.
5.Rewrite your article: Now you have a complete article; it is important to rewrite this article another 5 times. This will be explained later. If your original article is 1000 words, reproduce your article with 800, 600, 400 and 250 revised words. These new articles are going to be used to create backlinks to your website!
6.Submit: Now you need to submit these new revised articles to article submission sites, and link back to your original article. This strategy; will entice the reader to click the link to read the fuller article and in turn will drive traffic back to your website.
7.Analyse- once you have completed all these steps:it is important to review your stats on the website. How much traffic has been generated? Where did that traffic come from? What platform worked best? This new information will help determine your on-going blog marketing strategies.
If you liked this article, please visit the link where you can get more strategies on blog posting ranking strategies.

Best Strategies for Social Entrepreneurs

They attain their target in life. The success stories do not happen in isolation as most of the time team efforts convert a dream into a glorious reality.People need to understand that how they can not achieve their goals all alone. There is always someone to help them. Put a glance on the life cycle of human being. When we were the infant, toddler and quite young, there were parents who had helped us live and grow peacefully and effortlessly. Then in school, there were teachers to educate us.

Even in entrepreneurship to attain your goal, most important element you required is “team “. You cannot get through all obstacles and hardships single-handedly. There should be people who can support you. There should be mentors who guide you to familiarize with right solutions and to tell you the best strategies.One way to help the people to gain maximum benefit from the workforce is to endorse startups and entrepreneurship as a job-creating tool. This solution has mostly been overlooked. According to a survey, there are 220 million people in Pakistan and there are almost 40% unemployment from educated people. Unemployment is actually creating so many issues around the globe.

If you want to achieve something in your life, if you want to attain your strategies then follow the rule: ‘Stay foolish and stay hungry’. Be stupid in your ideas and be hungry for learning. Try each and every idea that come to your mind and do experiments so you can get the best solution. Be hungry in learning from the best people around the globe. Learn from everywhere and from each kind of people to gain maximum knowledge in your mind bucket. So when you start your own startup as a social entrepreneur you have the maximum and tremendous solution to do things right.

In social entrepreneurship, you take a small portion of what you are doing and giving it back to society. It feels so satisfying to fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues alongside making a profit too. It goes side by side. You can say the two-way profit creating theory.One of the places where you could learn social entrepreneurship in an online environment is Global Social Entrepreneurship(GSE) Foundation, the world’s first perpetual and self-fundraising entrepreneurial philanthropy. GSE Foundation provides quality entrepreneurial education. The foundation is training people who already have some skills but do not know how to present those skills to the world and connect with the world through good communication, clarity and listening to the things and responding them.

Get Ideas Fast for Bloggers

Think about to carry with yourself the 10 ideas notebook. A notebook to notate 10 ideas for your blogging activities everyday. The thing I like to do is to have a small pocket notebook which would fit in my basically pocket, and I carry with me at all times this little, small notebook. In fact, I’m looking at it right now while I’m basically teaching you today. I’m also looking at the ideas I have written this morning in my blogging notebook. This is very, very important, because if you do this regularly you won’t have to suffer in finding ideas for your blog. You will have many ideas.

It’s a very great number to work with, but you could come up with 12, 15, or even 20 ideas. It’s very common for me to setup a list of 10 ideas at first, but then as my idea muscle so to say warms up, I begin to write, notate many more ideas in my notebook for that particular day, and I hardly can keep up with this. So I no longer have to suffer with ideas, where to find ideas for a blogging business. They are always in my notebook.

And the reason it is particularly important for you if you’re struggling to find time for blogging is that when you’re notating ideas down you’re not blogging. You are just coming up with ideas, either for your blog topics, or for trainings, or for any other blog related activities. But when that actual time in the morning, in the day, or in the afternoon, or in the evening comes to you to write, to work on your blog, you won’t have to look for ideas. The ideas, your so to say to-do list, will be there all the time.

I recommend you notate your ideas on paper, and not on the computer. There are quite a few software to do that, but I recommend keeping a pen at hand and a notebook. This physical act of writing somehow works together with your brain much better than your typing it on the keyboard, or even dictating to your microphone. It’s much better. Of course, if you are in a hurry, or driving a car, and you cannot really write but you come up with ideas while driving, while commuting, it’s very good to save the time and press the record button on your phone, for example, so that you could record a few ideas which could later be used in your blogging business.

Find Time For Blogging

If we look at the most common challenges and struggles people have in their journey into becoming a better blogger, and having a successful blog, finding time to do this, to do it right, to do this efficiently and effectively obviously is really one of the main struggles and challenges people have.

We have so many things we have to achieve, to do. We have to take care of our families, to take care of work obligations. We have some hobbies we need to also practice. Some people also want to relax in the evenings, after the hard day’s work. When we think about it it’s really a matter of finding the time to do this. If we had let’s say maybe five extra hours a day that would solve our problems, it seems.

But, actually it’s not, because it’s not the matter of how many hours a day we have, but it’s the matter of how well we use these hours, this time we have. Because everybody has the same amount of time. You and me, and your friends, and my colleagues, everyone. Your competitors also have 24 hours a day and also have family obligations, work obligations. Anything that you are struggling with other people also are struggling with.

I think we have to realize that when we deal with time issues a lot of people teach that we have to manage our time better, to do some productivity hacks, how to write faster, how to create faster, how to do everything more productively. But, this is not necessarily a true perspective, at least in my experience. Because, I don’t usually need to do things faster than anybody else. I just have to choose the right things to do. Let’s say I get a call from a stranger asking me to do some errands for him or her, to do some projects.

It seems like time management is not necessarily an answer to this problem. It seems like prioritizing your time is more important. Setting your priorities straight. There is a famous Pareto principle or rule you might have heard, 80/20 principle, which means that 20% of your actions give 80% of your results. Think about it. In your day, 20% of what you do means that you also get 80% of value in your creative endeavors, anything you do. For example, 20% of your food. Yes also food intake, average food, also has 80% of your impact on your health.

Become a Professional Blogger

The term blogger became popular in the late 1990s and the success stories of people in this field led many to consider how to become a professional in blogging. There is a general impression that it is easy to become a pro blogger but the truth of the matter is it is as hard as any effort wanting to earn the decent income. For some people however blogging is a passion and the money that goes with it comes only as secondary.
Anybody can be a blogger but to be known in this field, you must consider the following.

You must love to write

The passion to write must be there, to begin with. It should not be just a spur of the moment desire to go online and create a website. Every blogging website you see that ranks well in search engines has great contents in it. Contents are written words that attract visitors.

Start with your expertise

You must have an expertise or at least experience in what you will be writing about. So many bloggers just write about anything under the sun since it is easy to research information on the internet and rewrite ideas of other people. Although it is also one way to go, it is hard to be recognized as a professional blogger if there is obviously no expertise on the subjects being written.

Study SEO

There are some professional bloggers who made it without really concentrating much on using SEO techniques. They are the elite few who have focused on a niche that happens to be their expertise and easily earned natural traffic to their site. But they are a special class of bloggers who mostly have a strong offline network. To be sure, you have to study at least the basics of SEO to become a professional blogger.

Set-up a website

Get a domain name and register it so you can have an identity for your website. Some bloggers start with a free platform but if you want to become a professional in this field, you have to start with a paid website.

Monetize your site

A professional blogger is one who earns from the blog website that he puts up. One cannot be called a professional if he is not earning from what he does and this is also true in the case of blogging. There are a lot of ways to monetize a website and it is just a matter of choosing the best for your site.