Develop Ideas for Your Business Blog Posts

The following are five ways to develop ideas for your blog:

1. Blog about your people

This is one subject that can illuminate your business to great effect. People are typically interested in people. Your people, your employees, offer value to your customers. Why not write about exceptional employees who’ve attained awards, promotions, or have exemplified top-notch customer service consistently.Doing this shows you hold them in high regard for what they do for you and your customers.

2. Post a product review

You can do this objectively and not as if it’s an ultra-hyped infomercial. In other words, talk about a related product (related to what you offer) to give quality information to your readers. You are presenting them useful information associated with what you offer.

This conveys that you are an authority on the subject – a valued information provider educated and conversant in your specialty. This builds trust with your audience. It’s a great way to encourage them to check you out further when they need to make product and service decisions.

3. Educate with informative articles

Your blog is a portal to teach others about your business and all it provides. Therefore, post educational and even how-to articles that are not of the sales type, but informative pieces that instruct. These timely and useful articles give your audience a greater understanding about your business, products, and services.

4. Relate customer success stories

You certainly have customers who’ve used your products and services to great effect. Highlight these on your blog, with their permission. Alternatively, show the essence of the success in a general way, without mentioning specifics about individuals if they choose to remain anonymous.

5. Write posts based on questions asked by customers

A great way to develop business blog posts is to answer questions from customers who contact you. These questions may concern how a product works to make their life easier. A question may concern a service you offer and why it is valuable. How what you offer can solve a pressing problem a customer may have.

Your answer to your customer can often be elaborated on through writing an article. This answer can be an effective element on your business blog. It offers vital information to those who arrive at your blog and who may have the same or similar questions.

Provide great information in the form of an article and show you are an authority on the subject and the go-to resource for people needing solutions in your niche.