Write What Others Will Read

One of the key elements to blogging is interaction from your readers. Bloggers want to know how they can get more of the readers to comment and interact. The number of comments you get is synonymous with the amount of traffic going to your blog. Be cognizant, especially in the first stages of your blog, of the people who do appreciate you and comment on your blog. This is a good way to build a relationship with your followers.

Keep in mind copyright when posting content on your blog. Always link or explain the source if you are going to quote someone or use a paragraph from a book. This is common courtesy in the blogging world and it is also the law. You will also want to mention names in your blog as they are an important part of SEO. A recent study has indicated that 42% of search engines pick up names. Use company, product or brand names to raise awareness and enable more people to find your blog.

Quality and well as quantity will make a successful blog. Most successful bloggers have both, however, you do not want to be generating an abundance of useless content in order to make your blog appear to have loads of information. As a blogger, you will also want your content to be relevant. If the title to your blog does not match the content or theme of your website, your readers will be confused and chances are will not return.

It is not a good idea to set aside one day a week to write all of your content for the following week, as your content may end up being outdated. Nobody wants to read last weeks news the following week. You will want to write one blog post a day, if you do not have the time or the means to do this, choose a niche where it does not matter how or when you post your content.

If you are experiencing writer’s block and do not know what to post, it is okay to link to another blog. However, don’t do this over and over again. You will risk losing your readers to that blog. It is better to switch up your sources or not post at all.

Blogging is definitely not easy. Writing unique, useful and fresh content every day is hard and you may feel burned out. Use what you have learned in this article and make sure that your blog will survive.